50 Fish a Day Guarantee

Mystery Country
Thompson, Manitoba, Canada
Toll Free: 1-888-246-9749


Our outcamps were built in 1988. Bear Head Lake offers a rustic log cabin look while Teal Lake has a wood frame construction. Dafoe Lake has a new framed construction, built in 1995. All are equipped with a propane fridge, stove and lights. All of our outposts are built on scenic island and peninsulas offering access to lake and scenery at all times. (Click on image for a closer view)

Dafoe Lake Cabin MapsFloor Plan

Dafoe Lake Cabin

One of the newest buildings of Mystery Country Outposts. Offers comfortable accommodations for eight people.
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Bear Head Cabin MapsFloor Plan

Bear Head Cabin

Nice rustic log cabin with magnificent views and even more important great fishing in a relaxing environment.
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Teal Lake Cabin MapsFloor Plan

Teal Lake Cabin

Our price leader, the Teal Lake Cabin is closest to Thompson, Manitoba and offers some of the greatest fishing.
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Goose Hutning Lake

Goose Hunting Lake *NEW

Opened in 2003, Goose Hunting Lake offers a virtually untapped resource of large pike and walleye.
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